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Zonta's LifeForward workshops meet a critical need in the Santa Clarita Valley by offering programs and workshops that are designed to empower women. Experienced instructors present topics that support economic independence and self-sufficiency.

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Savia Community Center
23780 Newhall Avenue, Newhall, CA

Free Workshop Series

The following workshop topics are planned for the 3rd or 4th Saturday of each month, except for December, which is dark.

For more information contact Single Mothers Outreach or Lois Bauccio

Scheduled Workshops

Printable Schedule Flyer


  1. June 18  -  Increase Confidence & Celebrate!
    Panel Presentation
  2. Aug 20th Communication & Relationship Skills - Work, Family & Life!
    Panel Presentation - Doris Marie Zimmer, Life Coach; Alex Urbina, Transformational Coach
  3. Sep 17th Anger Management
    - A moment to exhale! – Dr. Patricia Patton, Therapist
  4. Oct 15th Self Esteem—Feel Good About Yourself!
    - Shana Williams, Facilitator- an interactive workshop
  5. Nov 19th Cyberbullying & Social Media;
    Drug Paraphernalia - Sheriff’s Department; Alcohol & Drug Abuse- Bob Sharits, Action Family Counseling
  6. December – Dark
  7. 2017

  8. Jan 21th Understanding & Filing Taxes
    – Laura Troost, CPA
  9. Feb 18th Career Management, Network, Write a Resume & Interview
    - Wendy Amara, Executive Life Coach; Sue Reynolds, Career Development - Wm. S. Hart School District
  10. Mar 18th You Got the Job or Promotion – Congratulations, Now What? Performance & Teamwork!
    -Maria Alexander, Executive Director – Center of Living & Learning
  11. Apr 22nd Your Health & Well Being – Eat Right & Exercise! – Heart Healthy & Diabetic Foods
    – McKenzie Hall Jones, Registered Nutritionist;
  12. May 20th Recognize Potential; Overcome Life Challenges; Fulfill Dreams!
    - Aazam Irilian
    - Awards for Attendance & Achievements, Network & Celebrate
  13. Jun 17th Divorce and Family Law Issues - Sources of Child Support
    - TBD

The following services offered  support the workshop topics presented each month. 

Financal Education

  • Single Mothers Outreach (SMO) offers  a comprehensive course on finances called Financial Peace University, in Spanish and English, throughout the year.  The course provides information about  how to save and how to understand your money.  For more information, call Jennifer Kennedy at 661-288-0117.  This course will change your life!.

Job Search Assistance

  • Santa Clarita WorkSource Center offers free “how to” job search, resume building, and  interview skills,   contact:  661-799-9675
  • COC Career Center offers free lunch-time workshops – Identifying skills for the job; job search; resume writing; interviewing techniques, contact:  661-362-3286
To register for the next workshop, go to
Single Mothers Outreach

Job Search Assistance

• Santa Clarita WorkSource Center offers free "how to" job search, resume building, and interview skills, contact: 661-799-9675

• COC Career Center offers free lunch-time workshops – Identifying skills for the job; job search; resume writing; interviewing techniques, contact: 661-362-3286

Lifeforward workshops are sponsored by Zonta Club of Santa Clarita Valley and the LA County Commission for Women in collaboration with Single Mothers Outreach, Victim of Domestic Violence, Habitat for Humanity SFV/SCV Returning Women Veterans, & LA County Department of Children & Family Services serving Single Moms.


Workshop Details

Information is available as a printable flyer. Please click on the image for the PDF file.

September 2016 Workshops

Communication and Relationship Skills



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Past Workshop Resources

August 20, 2016
Communication & Relationship Skills

Doris Marie Zimmer & Alex Urbina


Be More Effective with Family, in the Workplace, and Community

June 18, 2016
Increase Confidence & Celebrate! Participant Presentation Gallery

Panel & Certificate Recipient Pictures

Workshop Pics

Picture Gallery

April 26, 2014
Women's Health Issues

Kristin Jordan


The Importance of Sleep

Kristin Jordan is a Physician Assistant in Santa Clarita. She has been working with Dr. Terrazzino in his Internal Medicine practice for the past six years since she graduated from the University of Southern California.

March 15, 2014 - Your Health & Well-Being

McKenzie Hall, Registered Dietician & Nutritionist

Great Ways to Prepare Food - Healthy Eating!

Presenter/Workshop Information


Shauna Parnell Smith, Certified Jazzercise Instructor

Dance to the Music - Fun! Fun!

Presenter/Workshop Information

Coming soon

Jan 18, 2014 - Learn to Network, Write a Resume, Interview
Panel Presentation

Wendy Amara
Transformational Coach

Techniques of Networking - Importance for Job Search & on the Job

Anthony Michaelides
Director, Career Center, COC

Resume Writing -- Market Your Skills!

Jo Ann Rodriguez
Aerospace HR Manager, Retired

Effective Interviewing Techniques

Workshop Panel
Wendy Amara, Anthony Michaelides, & Jo Ann Rodriguez

Networking, Interviewing, & Resume Q&A


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